Our Recent Launched Projects

Digital medical illustration: Perspective x-ray view of human liver with tumor. Anatomically correct. Isolated on black.
Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Drug Discovery

Anti-Cancerous Phytochemical Drug Discovery against HCC

Solutions for In Vitro/In silico testing of Pharma, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

With our partners, we provide safety assessments, Bioanalysis and Toxicology assessments of your Pharma, Personal care, and Cosmetic products

Big Data Analytic and Integrated Solutions

Automatic Regulatory Tox Profiling of Natural Cosmetic products by Data and Text Mining

Registration of Pharma and Cosmetic products in EU

With our partners, we assist in the registration of your Pharma, Cosmetics, Personal Care and House hold products in the EU market after all safety & Regulatory data analysis

Product Design: Cosmetics and Household products

Formulation and Safety assessment of Household chemical products by Regulatory Toxicology

Soon Export and Import certification for Cosmetics and  Personal care products

With big channels of Market and Customer reach in India, we are soon getting certification for Cosmetics and Personal Care products Export and Import License

Our Services
Drug Development

Lead Identification

APIs Properties Identification

 Drug Target Identification

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI)


API Toxicity Prediction

Pre-Clinical Screening by In-vitro/In-silico methods

Cosmetic Product Design

Active Ingredients Identification

Formulation Designing

Metabolite Identification by LCMSMS

Cosmetic Safety Prediction

Cosmetic efficacy Prediction

Cosmetic Packaging Designing

Pharma Product Design

Active Ingredients Identification

Formulation Designing

Metabolite Identification by LCMSMS

Impurities Analysis

APIs Safety Prediction

Computational Toxicology

In-silico screening

In-silico Toxicity Prediction

ML/AI-based Toxicity analysis

Compound Properties Prediction

Compound IC50 prediction

Regulatory Services

Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

Pharma PDE report

APIs registration in EU/USA

Regulatory Filing

GMP/GLP Auditing

Regulatory Tox Profiling

Medical Device

Medical Device Regulatory Affairs

Safety assessment of Medical Device

Quality Management Analysis

Regulatory Filing

Medical Device Toxicity assessment

Legal Framework

Patent Filing

Trade Mark Filing

IP Registration

MSME Registration

StartUpIndia Registration

Contract Drafting


Biological Products

Cell Medium 

Food Products

Medical Devices

Cosmetic Products

Personal Care Products

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