Data Integration and Analytics

MBPLTM AI-based tools with  In-vitro/In-silico data integration for developing Prediction Models 

Product Design & Distribution:

Safety Assessment and Distribution of PHARMA, CHEMICAL, COSMETIC, FOOD and MEDICAL DEVICE Products.

Legal Framework and Regulatory Registration

Legal Framework, Regulatory Registration, Patent Filing, IP and Licensing for new innovative products

About Us

We are Increasing Success in Product Development and Commercialization

Moldoc Biotech aims to develop and provide rapid In-vitro/In-silico solutions for High throughput screening of compounds, Chemical properties identification and Regulatory registration of compounds. 

With a Core team of Clinical scientists, Cell Biologists, immunologists, Production experts, and Regulatory toxicologists, We aim to provide One-Stop solutions for Product development.

We have a national and International commercialization professional network of partners from India, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, and the USA to provide high-quality solutions. 

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15 Years Of Experience

Solutions To Our customers!

MBPL team has 15 years of working experience in Biotechnology Innovation, Production, Technology Transfer, and Commercialization

Improve and Innovate with the Product Designing
Technology and Commercial Integration, the culture that make us stand out.
We provide truly prominent In-vitro/In-silico and Regulatory toxicology solutions


Our Recent Launched Projects

Pharma, Cosmetics, Households Products, Regulatory

Digital medical illustration: Perspective x-ray view of human liver with tumor. Anatomically correct. Isolated on black.
Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Drug Discovery

Anti-Cancerous Phytochemical Drug Discovery against HCC

Solutions for In Vitro/In silico testing of Pharma, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

With our partners, we provide safety assessments, Bioanalysis and Toxicology assessments of your Pharma, Personal care, and Cosmetic products

Data Analytic and Medical Coding Solutions

Regulatory Tox profiling of Compounds by Data and Text Mining, Medical Coding and Pharmacovigillance

Registration of Pharma and Cosmetic products in EU

With our partners, we assist in the registration of your Pharma, Cosmetics, Personal Care and House hold products in the EU market after all safety & Regulatory data analysis

Product Design: Cosmetics and Household products

Formulation and Safety assessment of Household chemical products by Regulatory Toxicology 

Soon Export and Import certification for Cosmetics and  Personal care products

With big channels of Market and Customer reach in India, we are soon getting certification for Cosmetics and Personal Care products Export and Import License

Indian contact (Call and WhatsApp) : +91 9910886937, International Contacts: +48604489045 (Call or WhatsApp)
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Rapid Digital solutions for Product development

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MBPLTM innovative technology and Commercialization 

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MBPL innovative integrated ML/AI-based Technology 

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National and International team and Network

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Our certifications

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